[KanoKido Fanfic] Sweet Dreams

An obligatory KanoKido Day fanfic! Yes, according to JP Fandom, today, March 1st is KanoKido day. And it’s heavily based on some (including mine’s) headcanon.


The green haired girl is already sleeping tight, not even responding to his call. Kano suspected that Kido must have been half-asleep after going to the toilet, and mistaking his room for hers. 


Kano noticed something was wrong, when he woke up in the middle of the night. 

Something—- no, someone—- have slipped onto his bed, under his blanket, and slept besides him. He moved closer, taking a closer look, and realized that it was no other than Kido. 


The green haired girl is already sleeping tight, not even responding to his call. Kano suspected that Kido must have been half-asleep after going to the toilet, and mistaking his room for hers. There can be no other reason. They had been sleeping together in the same bed when they was little, even with Seto sometimes, but they never done it again for years after they grew up. The caretaker woman of the orphanage didn’t allow them to sleep together anymore. 

Back then, Kano didn’t understand why. However, he now understands how dangerous it was for Kido. 

Kido is usually covered in her thick hoodie, but she wore a light, lavender colored pajamas to sleep, making her body curve becomes clearer, showing that she’s not entirely flat-chested. She looked calmer and more powerless in her sleep compared with when she woke up. Her delicate body is right besides him, and being close like this, Kano could even smell the fragrant of her shampoo. 

As a guy, it was tempting for Kano. However, he respected Kido more than those lusts. 

"Hey, wake up… You got the wrong room, Kido…" 

He tried waking her up again, shaking her body this time. But instead, Kido grabbed Kano and held him like he’s a pillow, and begins to mutter. 

"Ng… Not yet, Shuuya…" 

Kano was certainly surprised when Kido referred to him with his first name. Kido haven’t called him by ‘Shuuya’ for a long time, however, Kano realized something even more embarrassing shortly afterwards. 

Kido held his head close to her chest—i it was something easy with her height. He could even heard her heartbeat. 

"Seriously, Kido… How much trouble could you give me?" 

Kano grinned and muttered in the smallest voice possible, caressing Kido’s back. He didn’t hate being held close in Kido’s sleep, in fact, he quite enjoyed it. He loved her smell and her touch, and it brings a sense of nostalgia. 

They used to sleep together a lot. Kido would even held him close like what happened now. Kano remembered how Kido used to be a crybaby, and asked Kano to sleep with her because Kido was afraid she would disappear due to her powers running out of control after she woke up. 

She would held Kano close, to ensure that Kano wouldn’t leave her, despite Kano never intending to leave her alone. Back then, Kido would always mutters his name in her sleep. 

"…Shuuya, you won’t leave me, right?" 

The exact same words as Kido used to mutter, which made Kano smiled gently in a nostalgic feeling. He moved upwards a little to kiss her forehead, just like what he used to do. 

"I’m right here, Tsubomi. I’ll be right beside you when you wakes up." 

Kido smiled happily in her sleep, and that was what Kano saw before he fell back asleep. 



The sun had risen and gentle lights begins filling out the room. 

Kido woke up to realize she’s in a room that wasn’t her own. 

When she looked around and realized that it was Kano’s room and Kano was sleeping in her arms, her face flushed red as she lets go of him, getting off the bed as she tried to remember. 

She slowly remembered what happened when she was half asleep, and she looked back to Kano’s sleeping face. 

It reminded her of their childhood. Sometimes, when she slept with Kano in their childhood, Kano would cry in his nightmares, muttering words by words she couldn’t remember or understand clearly. 

She knew it was a nightmare, but Kano never told the whole story when he woke up. He would just smile and ensure Kido that everything is okay. She never knew why he cried, neither she has figured out what he muttered, but she remembered how she would held him even closer, wiping his tears while whispering words until he smiled again. 

"It’s going to be alright. We got each other." 

Kido smiled after she whispered those words once again in Kano’s ears, and upon realizing all of the things she considered as embarrassing that she had done, she sneaks out the room with a shade of red in her face. 

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